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our angel elijah was born on august- 21-2005 at 10:03pm he was 8lb 10 oz and 20 inches long,he was so cute and we were so happy to have him in our lives.
 on october-15-2005 we woak up around 3 am and found him not breathing my heart droped to my feet and i screamed "call 911 elijha's not breathing" so my husband called 911 while i did c.p.r.
 finaly 911 showed up and they started c.p.r. and one of the cop's said we have a pulse so i thought he would be ok so we went to the hospital and they put us in this tinny room and made us wate and wate seemed like forever , then 5-6 docters came in the room and just looked at me with out saying a word and i new right then and there my baby boy became a baby angel. i screamed and cryed that was the worse day of my life . we miss him so much and i would give anything to have my baby boy hear with us.
 the autopsy came back about 2-3 mounths later and said "undetermend" so in other words he had no cause of death. 
i keep asking my self why did he have to go to heaven at a young age but i always try to remember that he is safe, warm, happy and haveing fun in heaven with all the other baby angels and i will see him agine one day but untill i see him agine he will always be near and dear to my heart.
 "i love you and miss you so much baby"xoxoxoxoxo


hi baby this is mommy i just want to let you know we all love you and miss you with all our hearts,we can't wate till the day we see you agine up in heaven i know we will see that beutiful smile agine and i promise we will play peek-a-boo. love you so much.



god bless all our little angels


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To my son Elijah   / Dad Charles Sullivan Sr (Dad)
Elijah daddy and junior miss you with all of our hearts...I know you are okay because are with God. I love you, and I know I will see you again.
So Sorry   / Jill Winters Gracie Winters Mommy
We lost our daughter Gracie on September 23, 2007 when she was only 11 weeks and 1 day old. I know your pain all too well, and if you ever need anything let me know. It is amazing how stromg a mommy and daddy can be when their tiny angel passes. I st...  Continue >>
GOD BLESS OUR LITTLE ANGEL!!!   / Anthony's Momma Starr (mom's friend )
 elijah you are an angel now, please be good to your mom and dad and your siblings... we miss you and will see you someday again... say hi to my baby anthony !!!
Mother of Michael one of the littlest angels   / JJ Boyd (None)
To Elijah and family, my deepest regret on the loss of your son.  My son Michael is also an angel.  You will never forget your angel and he will become more special every day.  He now has 1 sister and 3 other brothers, but none have ta...  Continue >>
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I know you're in a better place Elijah  / Cori Romashkina ((fellow angel's mommy) )    Read >>
:( / TBT (fellow angel mommy )    Read >>
So Special, So Sad.  / Leana Rori-Anne's Mommy (A SIDS mommy )    Read >>
Angel Elijah may you always shine your light down upon your family!  / Christine Mom2Angel ^Hendryx^     Read >>
peom for you and mommy  / Crystal Swartz (friend)    Read >>
hey gurl  / Crystal Jamielea Mommy (mother friend )    Read >>
I lost a Daughter to Sids  / Carrie Fritz (Sids Mother )    Read >>
I lost a Daughter to Sids  / Carrie Fritz (Sids Mother )    Read >>
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elijah sullivan  
Baby3n1elijah was sent hear for a reason i dont know what that reason was but im so happy god sent him to us. elijah brought alot of love , joy and happynes to all of us and he will always be in our hearts.
 love you elijah

(sleep tight my little angel we love you)

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